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    Discover Five Health Issues In Pets That May Require Surgery In Animal Clinics In Fort Myers FL

    Surgery is sometimes comes as a necessary medical procedure to address certain health issues in pets. Established veterinary hospitals offer a range of surgical services to help diagnose and treat the health issues of pets. These services can help improve their quality of life and overall health. It is important to work closely with a reputable veterinarian to determine the best course of treatment for a specific health issue affecting the pet. Such an approach enables pet owners can help ensure that their pets receive the care they need to recover and stay healthy. In this post, we will discuss six health issues in pets that may require surgery Animal clinics in Fort Myers FL.


    Cancer is a common health issue in pets and can affect a range of body systems. Tumors can be benign or malignant and can occur in a variety of locations in the body. Our veterinary hospitals often offer surgery to remove cancerous tumors and other related treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Surgery can help remove the cancerous cells and improve chances of your pets to recovery.

    Orthopedic Problems

    Pets suffer from various orthopedic issues that affect their bones, joints, and muscles. These issues can occur due to injury, genetics, or other factors such as fractures, dislocations, and arthritis. Our orthopedic surgeons offer surgery to repair these conditions and improve mobility and quality of life in the affected pets. Some of the orthopedic procedures you may find at a local animal hospital include fractures plastering, ligament repairs, and joint replacements in animals.

    Gastrointestinal Issues

    We treat a wide range of gastrointestinal issues affecting the digestive system that include conditions like blockages, foreign objects, and tumors. These issues can cause discomfort, pain, and other symptoms in animals. Our veterinarians may recommend surgery to remove blockages and foreign objects and to repair damage that result from these issues. Our interventions at this level may include procedures such as gastrointestinal foreign body removal and intestinal surgery.

    Reproductive Health

    Reproductive issues in animals include uterine infections, testicular tumors, and prostate problems that affect both male and female pets. We often offer surgery at our various veterinary hospitals to address reproductive issues and improve the reproductive health of your pets. Some of our surgical interventions in reproductive health at our top-rated animal clinic in Fort Myers, FL include procedures like spay and neuter surgery, ovariohysterectomy, and orchiectomy.

    Cardiac Conditions

    Cardiac issues refer to problems with the heart and can include conditions such as heart murmurs and heart failure. Veterinary hospitals often offer surgery to address cardiac issues and improve a pet’s overall health. This may include procedures like heart valve repair and coronary artery bypass surgery.

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