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    Three Surprising Services Provided By Fort Myers FL Animal Hospitals

    One very important part of caring for pets is taking them to vets in Fort Myers. Much like humans, animals need preventative health care. At San Carlos Park Animal Hospital, we help pet owners optimize their pets’ nutrition, address chronic pain and behavioral issues, and implement lifestyle habits that minimize the risk of illness and injury. However, we want to share three surprising services that Fort Myers FL animal hospitals provide.

    Did you new that you can have your pet’s teeth treated at an animal clinic? You might discover that your pet’s grumpy disposition and uncharacteristic behavior are the result of unchecked tooth pain. When you visit a vet, you can have your animal’s teeth inspected, cleaned, and treated. Promoting good overall health in cats, dogs, and other pets extends their lifespans and improves their life qualities.

    Another surprising service provided by many animal hospitals is boarding. With animal boarding services, you won’t have to subject your pet to the many risks and discomforts associated with flying commercial airlines. Your pet will be safe and comfortable with us when you travel, which is far preferable to riding in cargo holds.

    We also provide in-depth nutritional guidance that identifies and addresses nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes pets deal with chronic pain and frequent illnesses simply because they aren’t getting the right nutrients in their foods. We can share tips for preparing healthy, needs-specific meals at home or choosing the right store-bought foods.

    You can also turn to us for regular pet grooming. There’s no safer way to have your pet’s claws clipped or fur trimmed than by bringing them to a vet that offers breed-specific service. We make pets feel pampered even as we use technicians and solutions that support their well-being and health. To experience the benefits of working with a top-rated veterinarian firsthand. Contact San Carlos Park Animal Hospital today!

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