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    Vet In Fort Myers FL Talks About Common Dental Diseases In Cats

    Pets can develop a wide range of dental issues over the years. Here at San Carlos Park Animal Hospital, we mention some of these problems. Our vet in Fort Myers FL also discusses how these issues can be spotted and treated.

    Periodontal disease

    It’s quite likely that your pet might suffer from periodontal disease by the time it reaches 3 years old. This disease is a result of plaque buildup on the gums. If the teeth aren’t brushed regularly, the plague will harden and form tartar. Which can cause a bacterial infection below the gums. If not dealt with fast, it can result in loss of teeth.

    Tooth resorption

    Tooth resorption refers to the slow destruction of teeth or teeth in a cat. This condition mainly affects middle-aged to elderly cats. This situation can be hard to detect. It’s mostly noticed when the teeth have decayed or are already painful. In most cases, the affected tooth has to be surgically removed.


    Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused by plaque buildup. The result is swollen and a painful mouth. But the good news is that the disease can be reversed. This is through regular brushing of the teeth and the use of antibiotics, based on the severity of the condition. In severe cases, tooth extraction is recommended at an animal clinic.


    It is suspected that stomatitis arises as a result of plaque buildup in the cat’s teeth. This results in inflammation in the stomach. It’s a painful disease. It’s treated by a dental procedure, antibiotics, pain medication and daily oral rinse.

    Symptoms of cat teeth issues

    Here are the signs that show your cat is experiencing teeth issues:

    Missing or loose teeth

    Bad breath

    Visible tartar

    Pawing at their mouth

    Excessive drooling

    Lack of appetite

    If you notice these signs, search for veterinarians near me to get medical attention for the animal.

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