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    Vet In Fort Myers FL Wellness Tips For Your Pet

    Our team at San Carlos Park Animal Hospital is passionate about improving the lives of domestic animals. In this article, our vet in Fort Myers FL shares tips to keep your furry friends in the best shape ever.

    Up-to-date vaccines

    Pets can contract diseases from other animals they’re exposed to. To keep them safe, get them vaccinated regularly. Moreover, the animals can pass on some of their diseases to human beings. Hence, vaccinating the pets will also help to keep your family safe.

    Proper nutrition

    Be aware of what your furry friends should be eating. A healthy balanced diet is important throughout their life. In case your pet is overweight or underweight, have their diet customized, so that they get the most appropriate feed. Also, sick and older pets should have their diets tailored. If you aren’t sure what they should eat, seek guidance from an animal clinic.

    Plenty of exercise

    Your domesticated beast should get ample exercise. Physical activity is essential in helping to retain muscle tone, manage weight and keep the heart and lungs in good condition. Exercise is also good for mental stimulation.

    Regular check-ups

    A doctor is one of the best support systems for your pet. Find Veterinarians near me for local help. The doctor will spot any health issues before they become big and expensive to manage. Furthermore, adhere to any scheduled appointments.

    Up-to-date medication

    Use preventative medication to prevent infections. Apart from vaccinations, they need oral tablets. Keep to the regimen, so that the pet is continuously protected.

    Regular grooming

    Don’t neglect to groom the pet. This contributes to the overall happiness and wellness of your pet. Have their nails trimmed to avoid ingrown nails. Additionally, brush their coat regularly. Take time to examine and check for any odd bumps and lumps during grooming and bring them to the doctor’s attention.

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